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Nested View Plugin: Worst Status is wrong if a failed job is disabled


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    • Jenkins 1.399 (upgraded from1.381)
      Nested View Plugin 1.7 (upgraded from 1.5)

      I have a view (CB) with a couple of build jobs. The view is located in a nested view, which also shows the worst status of the jobs inside that view. All jobs in the CB view are successful (blue) except for one that is disabled (gray). The disabled never build successfully so far. So the last run of the disabled job failed (red). The CB view shows a failed (red) status which is incorrect, because all active jobs are successful.

      I just upgraded from Hudson to Jenkins and also upgraded all plugins (except for CVS) to the newest version. I believe that the CB view was shown with the correct status before, but have no way of proving it anymore.

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