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Parameterized project name does not work with Jenkins 1.399


      The copy artifact plugin does not seem to work if the project name is specified in a build parameter. For example, I receive the following error in then Jenkins build console:

      Started by upstream project "MyProject Nightly" build number 209
      Unable to find project for artifact copy: MyProject Nightly/com.project.install$ProjectDistribution/

      Here I am trying to copy the artifacts from the MyProject Nightly job. Within the Copy Artifact configuration, I have the word "Nightly" in a build parameter like so:

      MyProject $SOURCE_PROJECT/com.project.install$ProjectDistribution/

      From the above log, you can see that the substitution is being made correctly, as the error message says the same build name as the triggering project. However this build fails because it says it cannot find the project. If I remove the parameter and configure the plugin like so:

      MyProject Nightly/com.project.install$ProjectDistribution/

      it works fine. The error only occurs when using a build parameter.

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