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SCM Sync saves previous version, not the most recent change



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    • Windows 2003 SP2, 2 GB RAM, quad-core 2.5 GHz


      I configured SCM Sync to save to Subversion, entered credentials, and verified that it saved the main configuration.

      Oh, also I am using version 0.0.4, but it wouldn't allow me to put that in the "Affects Version/s" text field so I'm putting it here.

      Next I created a simple job, which just does a single "Execute Windows batch command", with one line: "echo Hello world!". When I saved it, I then synced from Subversion, and compared to the jobs/simplejob/config.xml, and I saw that the one that was checked in was missing the <builders> section.

      To be clear: the config.xml saved in Hudson contained this block:

      <command>echo Hello world!</command>

      However, the config.xml that was saved in Subversion only contained this line:


      (The config.xml files were otherwise identical.)

      Note that this is saving the "previous version" even when there WASN'T a previous version (i.e., the job hadn't existed); when it initially saves it, it looks like it's saving the template, not the changes I made. Making further changes shows it saving the "N-1" version each time, with "N" in the Hudson configuration.

      So: am I misunderstanding the design? Or is perhaps another plugin causing this effect?


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