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Jenkins Donations flow update



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      We need to update the donations flow for Jenkins, because SPI does not longer accept donations according to Kohsuke. The suggestion is to use CommunityBridge as a replacement.

      Current state

      • SPI does not longer accept donations to Jenkins due as a part of the transition to CDF.
        • The state was confirmed by Tracy Miranda
        • UPD 23.12.2019: Daniel Beck says the flow still works. But it is not clear for how long it will be operational
      • Status of ffis.de is unknown, but the pages look to be operational
      • CommunityBridge is enabled for mentorship donations only (as a part of CommunityBridge decisions in July 2019). CommunityBridge is a portal maintained by Linux Foundation, and it is recommended for all projects within LF or sub-foundations like CDF
      • https://jenkins.io/donate/ is outdated

      Suggested changes

      • We enable CommunityBridge-based sponsorship for all available categories: Development, Marketing, Meetups, Bug Bounty, Travel and Documentation. We update documentation to mark it as a default donations way. 
        • It will enable organization payments and also small monthly donations by individuals in the Patreon style. See KiCAD for example 
        • Risks: Core Infrastructure Initiative certification is expected for projects on Community Bridge
      • We mark SPI-based donations as deprecated. Even if they work, transferring money from SPI to Linux Foundation is a lengthy process and 
      • We investigate the status of ffis.de and update the documentation accordingly

      Notes from the conversation with Community Bridge admins (Dec 11, 2019)

      • Linux Foundation / Community Bridge is ready to host our funding not only for mentorship, but for other areas (Development, Marketing, Meetups, Bug Bounty, Travel and Documentation). We can just click few buttons and enable these options.  See KiCAD for example
      • They do not have a specific entry for Infrastructure donations, but they plan to introduce it soon
      • Core Infrastructure Initiative certification is not a blocker for projects which are in transition to Linux Foundation. They are fine if the certification does not happen before March 2020, and they can extend it further if needed  
      • Linux Foundation will help to promote Jenkins project funding if we mode it to CommunityBridge (LF funding resources, retweets, email digests, etc.)
      • Events funded through community bridge can be listed on  https://events.linuxfoundation.org/ and promoted by Linux Foundation. Though it rather applies to contributor summits&Co, not to JAMs
      • Linux Foundation will apply zero fees to first transfers since Jenkins is a new paying organization
      • CommunityBridge Outreach Program is still open. Linux Foundation will pay 50% of the stipend for CommunityBridge projects by students from underrepresented categories





          oleg_nenashev Oleg Nenashev added a comment -

          UPD here. I have already got +1s in the thread with the board, so I will send a proposal to the dev list

          oleg_nenashev Oleg Nenashev added a comment - UPD here. I have already got +1s in the thread with the board, so I will send a proposal to the dev list


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