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Android emulator plugin doesn't work with Android 4.0


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.436
      Android Emulator Plugin 1.18

      The Android Emulator Plugin doesn't work with the latest version of Android.

      Reproducible with the following emulator configuration:
      Android OS version: Android-14
      Density: 160
      Resolution: HVGA

      The following error is showing in the log:

      Started by upstream project "BlockCrusher-Monkey" build number 12
      [android] Using Android SDK: /opt/android-sdk-linux/
      [android] Creating Android AVD: /var/lib/jenkins/.android/avd/hudson_en-US_160_HVGA_android-14.avd
      	Error: This platform has more than one ABI. Please specify one using --abi.
      [android] Could not create Android emulator: Failed to run AVD creation command
      Finished: NOT_BUILT

      I downloaded all available packages into the Android SDK.

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