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Environment variables not expanded in CMake build steps


      I have a number of projects that, on windows, use cmake build commands including environment variables, such as:

      "${ProgramFiles}\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\vc\vcpackages\vcbuild.exe" TCtoolCMake.sln "Release|Win32"

      This worked until I upgraded Jenkins quite recently to version 1.460 (and I think upgraded the envinject plugin at the same time), but no longer works. I am using cmakebuild 1.9 and envinject 1.46.

      I can work around this by changing the command to

      "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\vc\vcpackages\vcbuild.exe" TCtoolCMake.sln "Release|Win32"

      but this is less portable between machines (e.g. I don't think it will work on a Windows 7 machine).

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