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Link from triggering promotion to triggered build


      When "Trigger a parameterized build" is used in a promotion step, there is no link to the parameterized build that was actually started.

      In the promotion, it looks like this following:

      Building on master in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Main Build/workspace
      Promoting Main Build #222
      build hudson.plugins.parameterizedtrigger.BuildTrigger@25765df0 SUCCESS
      Marking build to keep forever.
      build hudson.plugins.promoted_builds.KeepBuildForeverAction@7e114ac6 SUCCESS
      Finished: SUCCESS

      The parameterized trigger succeeded, and the build started. But, in the build that is triggered, you get this:

      Started by upstream project "Main Build/promotion/Triggered Build" build number 32
      originally caused by: Legacy code started this job. No cause information is available

      There are no actual links between the build that was promoted, and the build that was triggered by the promotion.

      I think it would be very useful if there were links between the 2, in the same way that upstream / downstream builds are linked such that you can figure out which build caused another build.

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