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Jenkins merges queued builds with the different file parameters


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    • Jenkins LTS 1.480.3 (affects all versions), both Linux and Windows masters

      Reproduction steps:

      • Create build with file parameter
      • Add execution delay or invalid label restrictions
      • Try to put more than one build into queue

      Queue build comparator successfully enters FileParameterValue::equals().

      According to function docs, "In practice this will always be false, since location should be unique". However, in practice of queued builds location is relative path to file in workspace (which is specified in parameter configs), so that function returns true => Jenkins merges builds even if theirs file parameters are different.

      It is not possible to use anything instead of bit-wise file comparison, because different files can be uploaded from same place during manual build submission. It can require much time in long queues...

      I propose to consider files as different if they are specified in the build parameters.

            oleg_nenashev Oleg Nenashev
            oleg_nenashev Oleg Nenashev
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