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Improve configuration of automatic installations of tools


      Automatic installations of tools (like JDK, Maven, ...) in global configuration use a specific label to identify nodes where tools can be installed (see attachment).

      Currently, I must specify a very long and very explicit label for automatic installations of tools : like "jdk-oracle-1.6.0_26_32bits_windows", "jdk-ibm-1.6.0_SR9_64bits_aix" or "jdk-oracle-1.6.0_25_64bits_linux".

      It could be nice to have the same behavior of the Label Expression field in job configuration (Restrict where this project can be run).
      The resulting label configuration of examples above could be something like : "windows&&x86", "aix&&x64" or "linux&&x64".

      This would be both more flexible and easier to configure because when we will want to add a new tool, we will not need to add the corresponding label on all slaves.

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