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Handle becomes invalid in the middle of several files to copy


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    • Slave: Win 7 Pro SP1 64 Bit (JNLP)
      Master: Debian Wheezy / JRE 7
      Share: Win XP Pro SP3

      My job is configured to copy a lot of single files to a CIFS share. It all works well most of the times, but sometimes it happens that this message appears after having copied almost all files:

      CIFS: copy [smb://NAS/dev/PATCHES/NetFx64.exe]
      CIFS: Disconnecting configuration [Patches] ...
      ERROR: Exception when publishing, exception message [The handle is invalid.]

      What can I do to work around that and will there be a fix in a future release of this plugin?

            slide_o_mix Alex Earl
            mkarg Markus KARG
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