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RPM post-install should not do a "chown -R ${JENKINS_USER:-jenkins} ${JENKINS_HOME:-/var/lib/jenkins}"


      The jenkins-1.565-1.1 RPM contains a post-install script with performs the following:

      # Ensure the right ownership on files
      . /etc/sysconfig/jenkins
      chown -R ${JENKINS_USER:-jenkins} /var/log/jenkins
      chown -R ${JENKINS_USER:-jenkins} ${JENKINS_HOME:-/var/lib/jenkins}

      These chowns can take a very long time on systems with lots of files. A couple of our Jenkins boxes have thousands of files in a the /var/lib/jenkins/workspace directory (which itself is a network mount), which means this chown takes many minutes to complete (like ~15 minutes) and actually changes the ownership of no files. This holds up package deployment unnecessarily.

      I propose that either these chowns be removed entirely (the RPM spec sets the ownership of things the RPM puts down), or better yet that they're restricted to specific files.

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