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Option for input or stage step to cancel older executions



      I have a workflow that need a user input at some stage.
      However, due to the frequent commits, which trigger the builds, I get to the case when I have several builds of the same workflow stay idle in the list awaiting the user input.

      I would expectr my workflow to discard older builds if the newer build has reached the same stage.

      But I cannot succeed that goal.

      If I use the workflow like:

      stage title: 'DevBuild', concurrency: 1
      // do build
      stage title: 'Integration', concurrency: 1
      input message: 'Proceed?'
      // do integration

      then the very first build enters 'Integration' stage and pauses for user input. The other newer builds may superseed each other, but there is always the last build that gets to 'Integration' stage and waits until the very first build completes (because it cannot enter stage Integration).

      I would like the newer build to discard the older build which waits for user input in this case, so that newer build can be decided by the user.

      Is it possible to implement such a scenario?

      Thank you

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