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Rename workflow to pipeline




      Since the workflow plugin has been introduced, the industry seems to have settled on the keyword "pipeline" to refer to a series of inter-connected automation used for software delivery that the workflow plugin is solving.

      While we have spent a considerable amount of effort evangelizing and popularizing "Workflow" to the Jenkins community, we found ourselves constantly needing to explain what it is, and this is particularly evident when we are talking to people who are not closely involved with the Jenkins project, such as silent-majority users, journalists, and new users.

      Rather than continuing this fight, at this point it seems more sensible to start using the word "pipeline". This has an added benefit to signal the intention of core developers that the pipeline support is front & center for Jenkins.

      For backward compatibility, there are parts we can rename & parts we cannot. jglick should update this with more detailed plan on exactly what to rename and what not to, but my current understanding is:

      Getting renamed:

      • All the display names in the user interface
      • GitHub repository name
      • Plugin display name (what shows up in the update center)

      NOT getting renamed:

      • Class name, package name, and Maven GAV ID
      • Plugin short name will stay the same


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