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Label parameter used when called from a freestyle job, but not from a workflow


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    • Jenkins 1.625.3, NodeLabel Parameter Plugin 1.7.1

      I have a parameterized job with a label parameter called "MYNODE" that defaults to CENTOS7. If I parameterized trigger it from a freestyle job and pass in a NodeLabel parameter with a different value for MYNODE, the job gets run on a node matching that passed label value. If instead I trigger the job from a workflow, like this:

      def nodes = [:]
      nodes['foo'] = {
      build job: 'node-report', parameters: [new hudson.model.StringParameterValue('MYNODE', 'CENTOS6')]
      parallel nodes

      Then the called job gets executed, and I can see that it has a "MYNODE" parameter with a value of "CENTOS6", but it does not get run on a node matching the passed label value (it runs on a node matching the default label parameter value instead).

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