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job-restrictions Job Property does not support Pipeline Plugin


      job-restrictions-plugin does not support Pipeline Plugin (aka Workflow plugin) and it's behavior is not as expected.

      Steps to reproduce it:

      Create a job using Pipeline Plugin (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Pipeline+Plugin)
      Create a slave in your master called for example 'demo-slave'.

      In your Groovy script using pipeline do:

      node('master') {


      node('demo-slave') {


      After in 'demo-slave' configuration, restrict it:

      No matter if you start your job with 'daniel_hernandez' user or other user, the job will not get a executor from the demo-slave node getting the message:

      Waiting for next available executor on demo-slave

      After, You can release it setting the value to 'Take any job'

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