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Spigot-Essentials Updates for 1.9.4 ?


      Using the current versions of Essentials-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar files (including AntiBuild, Chat, GeoIP, GroupManager and Protect), I ran into an issue where using the oversized-stacksize value of greater than 127 results in the item becoming lost if you right mouse click on the block. If you left mouse click to place "1" block, the count of 128 turns from RED to WHITE. This has been like this since 1.8.8 (since I started), but could be earlier.

      It took a long time just to get to a point I could even submit a request to get help on this plugin as there are no comment fields anywhere allowing for contacting the developer/owner of the plugin unless I joined here. So please forgive me if this is not the correct avenue/medium to use for requesting a) support for issues with a plug in and b) determine if longer term support for future MC/Spigot Upgrades are going to be worked on.

      Thanks for your time,

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