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non-github accounts can't be used via jenkins-cli or REST APIs


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    • github-oauth-plugin
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    • github-oauth-plugin v0.26

      We use scripts to talk to Jenkins to administrate it.   The scripts use a non-GitHub account (using the built-in User store in Jenkins).  An example of this is the Jenkins Cookbook.

      These scripts broke with github-oauth-plugin v0.26 because these users don't have GitHub accounts.

      I know you just fixed all this, sag47 and I really appreciate your hard work on it.

      I think what I would expect is that if someone used an SSH key or the API token that it falls back to the old behavior of not being in the github organizations.

      I realize this is a little confusing for users; I can't think of any alternate ways to allow both GitHub users and non-GitHub users to work together.

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