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Run Details screen shows stale data in pipeline graph when open/closed more than once


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      The Run Details view shows a stale state for the pipeline graph when it is opened and closed multiple times. This is easily reproducible with a simple pipeline with stages of non-trivial
      duration. Sample: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/histos/pipeline-samples/stages-5/Jenkinsfile

      Repro Steps

      1. Create pipeline using sample Jenkinsfile above
        1. Note: I used multibranch for this, not sure if the bug is specific to multibranch or affects classic pipeline as well
      2. Navigate to Activity tab
      3. Run the pipeline
      4. Click the new run to open Run Details. Note that the first stage is in progress.
      5. Close Run Details.
      6. Wait enough time for the next stage to become active, then click the run to open details again. Note that the first stage is still in progress.
      7. Close Run Details.
      8. Wait enough time for the pipeline to complete. then click the run to open details again. Note that the header indicates the run completed but the pipeline graph stills shows as running with the last stage that was active still running.


      1. The KaraokeService (or collaborating class) is probably caching the pipeline node state across successive open/close of the run. I suspect that the nodes are only updating in response to SSE. Perhaps on RunDetails.componentDidMount we should just clear all of the node state for the run and force refetch if it's not in a completed state (e.g. failure, success, etC)

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