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xunit plugin parses test logs and not test results of Boost.Test


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      Boost.Test produces two different outputs :
      . the log is sent to the standard output during the tests run
      . the result report is sent to the standard error output at the end of the run
      (see http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_41_0/libs/test/doc/html/utf/user-guide/test-output.html )
      Each output can be formatted either to text or to XML (but not both).

      It is really convenient to keep the log in human readable format as it helps pinpoint where problems occur (including crashes).
      When a build fails, compilation and test logs are where a lot of the problems are immediately diagnosed.

      The xUnit plugin only accepts the XML log as input, which prevents it from being usable in our environment (and I suspect in many environments although I certainly don't have any proof of that ).

      It would be great to support both the log and/or the result report.
      It makes sense, after all the goal of the xUnit plugin is "to publish testing tools test result report", isn't it ?

      Here is what the test result report looks like :

      <TestSuite name="xeumeuleu_xerces2_test" result="failed" assertions_passed="248" assertions_failed="2" expected_failures="0" test_cases_passed="207" test_cases_failed="2" test_cases_skipped="0" test_cases_aborted="0">
      <TestCase name="read_attribute_from_root_level_throws_an_exception" result="passed" assertions_passed="1" assertions_failed="0" expected_failures="0"></TestCase>
      <TestCase name="read_unexisting_attribute_throws_an_exception" result="passed" assertions_passed="1" assertions_failed="0" expected_failures="0"></TestCase>

      Thanks !

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