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Jenkins doesn't throw an error when provided with an invalid cron expression from Job DSL plugin



      I'm using Job DSL plugin in order to generate and maintain Jenkins jobs.

      When provided with an invalid cron expression, I would expect the following:

      Expected behaviour:

      Jenkins should fail the build and throw an error when provided with an invalid cron expression.

      Actual behaviour: 

      Jenkins doesn't throw any errors / warnings and creates the job successfully but without the build trigger.

      Example of job with an invalid trigger:

      The output when generating this job via DSL plugin when running the command :

       ./gradlew rest -Dpattern="jobs/george.groovy" -DbaseUrl="http://localhost:8080/" -Dusername=username -Dpassword=password

      And as a result, the job is created as expected but without a build trigger:


      Since Job DSL just generates the config.xml (AFAIUI), I supposed that Jenkins should throw an error up the chain so that it would get caught by the DSL plugin and fail the build.


      After all, I'm just trying to get the build to fail or at least notify via logging or something else that the cron expression is invalid, not create the job without it as if nothing happened.


      Any help is much appreciated!

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