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Error while running pipeline job in docker


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    • Jenkins Version: 2.121.1
      Docker Pipeline Plugin: 1.5
    • 1.24

      After Upgrading Docker Pipeline Plugin from 1.4 to latest(1.7), our pipeline job running with Docker started failing with following error,
      ERROR: The container started but didn't run the expected command. Please double check your ENTRYPOINT does execute the command passed as docker run argument. See
      for entrypoint best practices.[Pipeline]

      {[Pipeline] sh[PROMOTION-pre-build-CommitStage@2] Running shell script invalid argument "=" for "-e, --env" flag: invalid environment variable: = See 'docker exec --help'. process apparently never started in /****/workspace/*********@2@tmp/durable-bf8996ec[Pipeline] }

      $ docker stop --time=1 6c3e4c47264e7766c2277555ac05de7267ab0895ab8f91b257761a6c649379c2
      $ docker rm -f 6c3e4c47264e7766c2277555ac05de7267ab0895ab8f91b257761a6c649379c2[Pipeline] // withDockerContainer[Pipeline] }[Pipeline] // stage[Pipeline] }[Pipeline] // withDockerRegistry[Pipeline] }[Pipeline] // withCredentials[Pipeline] }[Pipeline] // ws[Pipeline] }[Pipeline] // node[Pipeline] echoError: hudson.AbortException: script returned exit code -2

      Investigating further we found that issue is with Docker Pipeline Plugin 1.5.


      Can you please help us fix this issue? Are we missing something while using version 1.5 or is it a bug in the plugin?

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