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Change the plugin name and the yaml file name for future compatibility


    • GSoC - Coding Phase 2

      Following a discussion on the mailing list (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/jenkinsci-dev/aDdWsy2fxME), we need to rename the yaml file so to not interfere with a possible future Jenkins Pipeline YAML feature from core contributors.

      We cannot use the Jenkinsfile.yaml nor Jenkinsfile.yml names. We need another name.

      We also should not use a broad name such as "Jenkins Pipeline as YAML" for this plugin for the same reasons.

      The name proposals need to be floated in the community (mailing list and gitter chat), and feedback must be received.

      Definition of Done:

      • A final name has been found for the plugin
      • A final name has been found for the yaml file
      • The plugin name has been changed in the infrastructure (pom.xml)
      • Possiblity also change:
        • Github repo name?
        • Gitter chat rename?
      • The documentation is up to date
      • Blog posts are updated
      • Find out if alpha needs to be renamed? -> No rename of past releases
      • Update the README.md file
      • Change component name in Jira

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