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An option to update just the specified modules


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      It is currently difficult to maintain (update) a trunk checkout with some
      modules switched to a branch. With the "Use update" checkbox selected:

      1. if Hudson is configured to check out the trunk (and a build script is used to
      the switch some modules to a branch ), when it does an update it will use a -D
      CVS option, which will switch the branched modules back to the trunk.

      2. if Hudson is configured to check out the the branched modules (and the rest
      of the modules is checked out by the build script), when it does an update it
      will switch everything to the branch because it will use a -r option for all

      The option to turn off -D described in issue 229 would help if Hudson was
      configured as in #1, but generate no changelogs for the branched modules.

      I suggest the introduction of an option to allow Hudson to update just the
      modules specified in the "Module(s)" list. The UI could change from

      [x] Use update


      [x] Use update [x] only for the above modules

      Of course, when the "only above modules" check box is selected, updating any
      other modules in the workspace should be done by the user e.g. in the build script.

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