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Hundreds of REST calls to JOB_URL/runs/2/nodes/?limit=10000


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    • blueocean-plugin
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    • Jenkins core 2.169
      BO 1.14

      at least 100 build agents

      When you are using a high number of agents running the BO UI increase the number of request to the URL JOB_URL/runs/2/nodes/?limit=10000, this could become insane and makes that the UI blinks every time making it unusable even when the jobs are done.

      Steps to replicate

      • You need a system that can provision at least 100 agents to see the behavior
      • Execute the following pipeline three times to try to provision more than 100 agents
        #!/usr/bin/env groovy
        pipeline {
          agent { label 'master' }
          stages {
                script {
                    def tasks = [:]
                    for(def i = 0; i < 50; i++){
                        tasks["t-${i}"] = parallelTask()
        def parallelTask(){
            return {
                    timeout(time: 90, unit: 'SECONDS') {
                        echo "NOOP"
                        sleep 1
      • Open the BO UI on one of the builds
      • Open the Chrome inspector on the network tab, after a minute or so you will start seen tons of REST request like 'JOB_URL/runs/2/nodes/?limit=10000' and 'JENKINS_URL/blue/rest/organizations/jenkins/computers/' meanwhile every few seconds the UI will blink

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