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Container cannot connect to node because it doesn't exist


      We recently updated our version of Jenkins to 2.176.3. And now a connection error with docker-agent randomly block the queue of jobs :

      Refusing headers from remote: Unknown client name: docker-00026wu6nor9w

      The docker container is ready and try to connect to the Jenkins master but the node doesn't exist yet.

      I saw in the code of docker-plugin that the container is created and started before the Jenkins node. While the connection method is JNLP, the commands to download and run the remoting.jar are executed at the start of the container. But at this moment, the node wasn't added to Jenkins master.

      Have you ever encountered this error? Is there a solution?

      Is it possible to modify provision methods and create the Jenkins node before instanciate the container to fix this issue?

      Jenkins version : 2.176.3

      docker-plugin version : 1.1.7

      docker host version : 1.13.1

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