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sh steps stuck indefinitely on uncommon architectures (e.g. s390x)


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    • durable-task-plugin
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    • Jenkins ver. 2.201 (yum installed, master node only)
      durable-task plugin v1.31

      os.arch: s390x
      os.name: Linux (RedHat)
      os.version: 3.10.0-327.el7.s390x
    • 1.33

      After upgrading to v1.31, the first sh step in a pipeline gets stuck. After few minutes Console Output shows:

      [Pipeline] sh (Get email of the author of last commit)
      process apparently never started in /data/jenkins/workspace/TG2_PTG2_-_pipeline_build_master@tmp/durable-be2cf2a6
      (running Jenkins temporarily with -Dorg.jenkinsci.plugins.durabletask.BourneShellScript.LAUNCH_DIAGNOSTICS=true might make the problem clearer)
      Cannot contact : java.io.FileNotFoundException: File '/data/jenkins/workspace/TG2_PTG2_-_pipeline_build_master@tmp/durable-be2cf2a6/output.txt' does not exist


      Eventually, I discovered that a new binary was added in the latest version of this plugin. The script compile-binaries.sh in GitHub suggests that the binary is only built for Linux and MacOS.


      Sure enough, when I try to execute the binary myself on an architecture other than amd64, I get:

      -bash: /data/jenkins/caches/durable-task/durable_task_monitor_1.31_unix_64: cannot execute binary file


      Are other architectures or operating systems (Windows) not supported anymore?

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