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Wrong baseDirectory when using publish over ssh via promotion


      After we updated our jenkins to 2.190.1 we are not able to to use the pubish over ssh feature within a manually approved promotion. Even after updating to 2.190.2 the issue exists.

      The issue is that the publish-over.BPPlugin resolves in line 115 the path from the promtion job which is different from the real build path. In my case it is '/opt/jenkins/jobs/frontend/promotions/Deployment server/builds/11/archive' but it should be '/opt/jenkins/jobs/frontend/builds/61/archive'.

      The job log of a failed publish over ssh is:

      Running as SYSTEM
      Building in workspace /opt/jenkins/workspace/frontend
      Promoting frontend #61
      SSH: Connecting from host [jenkins]
      SSH: Connecting with configuration [server] ...
      SSH: Disconnecting configuration [server] ...
      ERROR: Exception when publishing, exception message [The base directory does not exist. If this is a promotion, have you "Archived the artifacts"?]


      Do we use a deprecated configuration?

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