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Anchore plugin overwrittes pipeline reports



      My pipeline has multiple stages and each stage creates a docker image.

      there are two issues, first at the end of the pipeline I end up having 3 separate 'Achore reports' but they all have the same data (the Achore Policy Evaluation Report has the results for the 3 scans). Second, the 'Anchore Policy Evaluation Summary' shows the same image for the 3 different 'Anchore reports'

      The pipeline process is something like

      • Create base image
      • Create Builder image
      • Create Runner image


      I check each image after each stage (so that it fails if one of them had issues)

      I run

      anchore(name: IMAGES_FILE_PATH, engineRetries: '1000', forceAnalyze: true,
      policyBundleId: 'policyName')

      I tried using different names for the IMAGES_FILE_PATH but it yields the same problems


      it would be nice if each report only had the information about that one image


      Sorry if I didnt provided enough details, I would be happy to add more info




      Kind of related stack overflow issue


      with the exception that I cant wait until the end to scan the images

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