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inconsistent behaviour when performing variable interpolation


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    • 2.277.3
      credentials-binding-plugin 1.24

      I have a groovy function, runAnsiblePlaybook which I use to run ansible playbooks in a docker container:

      // Runs deployment playbook for prod/non-prod environments def call(docker_reg, jenkins_docker_creds_id, _docker_reg_url, ssh_key_creds, inventory, playbook, env_vars=[]) {     withDockerRegistry([ credentialsId: jenkins_docker_creds_id,                          url: _docker_reg_url]) {
               withCredentials([             sshUserPrivateKey(credentialsId: ssh_key_creds,                               usernameVariable: "ANSIBLE_USER",                               keyFileVariable: "KEY_PATH")
               ]) {
                   script {
                       echo "env_vars: ${env_vars}"
                       env_string = ""
                       env_vars.each { entry -> env_string = env_string + "-e $entry.key=$entry.value " }
                       echo "env_string: ${env_string}"
                       sh """
                           # docker run here

      This function is wrapped

      // Attempts a PaaS deployment using Ansible
      def lgtAnsibleDeployToPaaS(paas_deploy_creds_id, paas_host, paas_project,                            ansible_inventory, ansible_playbook, paas_env) {
           withCredentials([             usernamePassword(credentialsId: paas_deploy_creds_id,             usernameVariable: "PAAS_USER_UNUSED", passwordVariable: "PAAS_PASSWORD")
               ]) {
                                      helm_cli_version: "v3.3.4",
                                      paas_host: paas_host,
                                      paas_token: env.PAAS_PASSWORD,
                                      paas_project: paas_project,
                                      ts_release_env: paas_env                             ])

      This function is run twice (in a good case), to deploy against ref and live environments.

                              lgtAnsibleDeployToPaaS(paas_deploy_creds_id, paas_api_url, paas_docker_repo,                                                "deployment/inventory_non_prod/hosts.yml",                                                "deployment/playbooks/deploy_ts_helm.yml",                                                "ref")  


                              // Note deliberately using inventory_non_prod as that has helm installed.                         lgtAnsibleDeployToPaaS(paas_deploy_creds_id, paas_api_url, paas_docker_repo,                                                "deployment/inventory_non_prod/hosts.yml",                                                "deployment/playbooks/deploy_ts_helm.yml",                                                "live")

      First time through it correctly interpolates the variables:

      But then when it deploys to live I get:

      Note: env_vars is identical for the two cases with the exception of the ts_release_env variable.

      expansion of env_vars into env_string in the 'live' run is missing any params before paas_project and lacking the secret warning this time.

      As these key variables are not in the expanded env_string, this subsequently leads to the docker run failure (not shown)

      I've tried modifying the env_vars.each clause to use' ' rather than "":

       env_vars.each { entry -> env_string = env_string + '-e $entry.key=$entry.value ' }

      but this does not perform the $entry expansion.


      What am I missing?

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