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Jenkins shuts down instead of restarting on Mac M1


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      This issue appeared after migrating our Jenkins instance from a Macbook to a new Mac mini (M1). I could also reproduce it with a clean install on the M1 machine.

      It has been present in the last few versions (at least).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to http://[JENKINS_URL]/updateCenter/
      2. Check "Restart Jenkins when installation is complete and no jobs are running" (regardless of whether there's an upgrade or not)
      3. Observe what happens in the terminal - after 10 seconds, Jenkins process is killed instead of restarted.

      This is how the log looks like:

      2021-06-17 08:27:47.284+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins$20#run: Restart in 10 seconds
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.287+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins$20#run: Restarting VM as requested by admin
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.287+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins#cleanUp: Stopping Jenkins
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.339+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins$16#onAttained: Started termination
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.370+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins$16#onAttained: Completed termination
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.370+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins#_cleanUpDisconnectComputers: Starting node disconnection
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.379+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins#_cleanUpShutdownPluginManager: Stopping plugin manager
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.440+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins#_cleanUpPersistQueue: Persisting build queue
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.443+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins#_cleanUpAwaitDisconnects: Waiting for node disconnection completion
      2021-06-17 08:27:57.443+0000 [id=1066]	INFO	jenkins.model.Jenkins#cleanUp: Jenkins stopped
      [1]    72539 killed     jenkins

      Jenkins runs fine when manually started again (with "jenkins" command).

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