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Using SAML plugin 1.1.6


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    • Jenkins 2.289.3, Windows Server 2019

      So, been using the SAML plugin for some time and all was good.  Have not upgraded to latest version as of yet.  When our instance of Jenkins was hit it would atomically re-direct to our IdP for authentication and upon success the user would be logged in to Jenkins.  But, yesterday, something changed and we no-longer get the initial re-direct.  Now you get to the Jenkins landing page and the user is NOT logged on and must hit the logon button.  For us, this is a huge security vuln and we need to figure out what happened.

      As far as we know we did not make any changes to the SAML config and compared to the settings to a backup.  We turned on the FINEST logging and do not see anything errors but also we do not see any re-direct upon the first hit.


      Any Thoughts?

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