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Downstream jobs are not guaranteed to build when the job configs have been updated recently



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      We have a freestyle job (named config_job) that configures other freestyle jobs on the same jenkins via REST. In some of these freestyle jobs the config_job is added as a reverse build trigger and thus some jobs become downstream jobs of the config_job. We noticed that sometimes these newly added downstream jobs are not built.

      After looking at the jenkins source code, we noticed the following TODO in BuildTrigger.executes:

      // TODO this may not yet be up to date if rebuildDependencyGraphAsync has been used; need a method to wait for the last call made before now to finish
      final DependencyGraph graph = Jenkins.get().getDependencyGraph();

      Since the dependency graph is still rebuilding when our config_job finishes, an old version of the dependency graph is used which does not include the reverse triggers we just added and thus some downstream jobs are not built.


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            Comment [ This change seems to cause another bug, in the set up of a multi-node build if the parent job is built on the master node while the child job is build on the slave node it seems the child job would never be built and no error message is shown at all. ]
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            Link This issue causes JENKINS-68189 [ JENKINS-68189 ]
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