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Artifacts deployed by deploy-file goal don't trigger downstream builds


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    • pipeline-maven-plugin
    • pipeline-maven-3.11.0

      When artifacts get deployed by direct plugin invocation of the deploy:deploy-file goal the artifacts get recognized by the maven-spy but wont trigger downstream dependencies of deployed artifacts.

      This is because direct plugin invocation effectively skips the maven lifecycle. With no lifecycle known, the lifecycleThreshold is never met and downstream dependencies never get triggered.

      I have tried to fix this by creating a new ExecutionHandler for the JenkinsMavenEventSpy wich checks if the MojoExecution of the goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-deploy-plugin:deploy-file contains a lifecycle. When no lifecycle is present it assumes the deploy-Lifecycle.

      With this is place downstream-Dependencies get triggered even when the artifacts get deployed by the deploy:deploy-file goal directly.

      I've submitted a Pull-Request with my changes.


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