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Custom headers with special characters in their names


      According to the documentation of the plugin, you can define custom headers for requests with a syntax like this one:

      def response = httpRequest customHeaders: [[name: 'foo', value: 'bar']]

      The problem arises when you try to use custom headers that use names with non-standard characters. I can't see the way to do something like this:

      def response = httpRequest customHeaders: [["my-custom-header-with-hyphen-separator": "${varName}"]]

      I know I can do it the hard way:

      def headers = new ArrayList<jenkins.plugins.http_request.util.HttpRequestNameValuePair>()
      def headerName1 = 'my-custom-header-with-hyphen-separator'
      def varName1 = 'abc'
      headers.add(new jenkins.plugins.http_request.util.HttpRequestNameValuePair("${headerName1}","${varName1}"))

      However I don't think that's the preferred method as it involves granting certain permissions to scripts.

      Under normal circumstances, I would've expected here to use this kind of syntax:

      def headers = [ "${headerName1}":"${varName1}","${headerName2}": "${varName2}" ]

      Pretty much a json object with one or more key/value pairs.

      So, is this possible? is there any alternative syntax that can be used right now to avoid working directly with Java classes?


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