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Incorrect mail address used for sending email notifications


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      Incorrect email address is used for Git commits when sending email notifications, this can be seen in the console log for a failed build:

      Hudson Console:
      Waiting for Hudson to finish collecting data
      ERROR: Illegal whitespace in address
      channel stopped
      ERROR: Illegal whitespace in address
      javax.mail.internet.AddressException: Illegal whitespace in address in string ``Geir Pettersen@comperio.no''

      Notice how the author's full name is used before the @ instead of the account name.
      By executing "git whatchanged" I can verify that the commit contains a correct email address in the author field:

      $ git whatchanged
      commit 53f56784f7299465e33f0cc483a397f23ea59fe5
      Author: Geir Gullestad Pettersen <ggp@comperio.no>
      Date: Mon Aug 9 02:03:35 2010 +0200

      hudson test...

      :100644 100644 5d2a1e7... fba468b... M src/main/java/no....

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