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Support Mirror Selection in Update Center



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      Currently, the JSON from http://updates.hudson-labs.org/update-center.json, which points to http://updates.hudson-labs.org/ for downloads, which seems to always redirect to http://download.hudson-labs.org/. But download.hudson-labs.org seems to be very SLOW, especially with a new hudson release this weekend. I was able to find http://hudson-labs.org/content/installing-plugins-has-always-been-easy-now-its-fast-too, pointing me to http://mirrors.hudson-labs.org/, which I was able to use to download quite quickly. So, couple of things:

      • Why isn't the link in update-center.json (or the redirect from updates.hudson-labs.org) pointing at mirrors.hudson-labs.org?
      • Would it be possible to extend update-center.json to include a list of available mirrors (defaulting to mirrors.hudson-labs.org for auto-redirect behavior, or download.hudson-labs.org if the reason mirrors isn't the default is because it isn't trusted yet), and allow the user to select a default mirror, or even manually specify a different mirror - for testing mirrors that haven't gone public yet. Right now mirrors.hudson-labs.org seemingly can't identify my IP address, so I get tossed around to a different mirror for each download.


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