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Builds get double promotions after promotion has been renamed


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.421
      Jenkins Promoted Builds Plugin 2.2

      When a promotion is renamed, all subsequent promotions of the new name will also promote it with the old name.

      To reproduce, I did the following:

      1. Create a job test-downstream, leave all settings as-is.
      2. Create a job test-upstream, and set the following:
        • Promote builds when ...
          • Name: First promotion
          • When the following downstream projects build successfully: test-downstream
        • Post-build actions, build other projects: test-downstream
      3. Save settings, and then click Configure again.
      4. Change the name of the promotion from First promotion to Second promotion.
      5. Save.
      6. Run the build of test-upstream, wait for the build of test-upstream and test-downstream to complete (about 10s with quiet periods etc).

      Now you'll observe that the new build has two gold stars: First promotion and Second promotion. Going to /job/test-upstream/1/promotion/ will show First promotion as "Pending promotion" for some reason. It shouldn't be there at all!

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