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CVS modules with spaces has sideeffects on the "Legacy mode" (a.k.a. "flatten") in hudson configuration



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      I have defined a Hudson job with a single cvs module; one that contains spaces
      in its name. I am using the backslash escape character as specified by the
      documentation, and the module is checked out correctly by CVS. Only problem is
      that each time i modify the job configuration and save it, the "Legacy mode"
      becomes checked even though I explicitly unchecked it. The only way to force
      hudson to uncheck it is by changing the "flatten"-element in the config.xml-file
      and then re-read the hudson configuration.

      My guess is that Hudson has a mechanism that forces the "Do Not Flatten"-mode
      (the "Legacy Mode") whenever multiple CVS modules is defined in a job which
      makes perfectly sense since it would be unwise to flatten multiple modules into
      the same directory. However, when a single module contains spaces, this
      mechanism is tricked into believe that there is multiple modules probably
      because it still uses a simple "look for spaces"-strategy to decide if several
      modules is defined.



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