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EnvInject overriding WORKSPACE variable


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      I upgraded Jenkins to 1.458 and envinject from 1.36 to 1.44. After the upgrade all my jobs that did not use envinject were getting their WORKSPACE variable set to another jobs that did use envinject WORKSPACE. Downgraded envinject to 1.36 and the problem went away.

      Here's an edited log that shows initially the workspace is correct, even after EnvInject line, but when the shell script runs, it is wrong.

      Also, I don't know why EnvInject is even being run for this job since it is not enabled anywhere...

      [EnvInject] - Preparing an environment for the build.
      Building on master in workspace -correct-workspace-
      Updating http://svn....
      At revision 36652
      no change for http://svn.... since the previous build
      No emails were triggered.
      [bronze-bin] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson6983282044770433158.sh
      + echo -some-other-jobs-workspace-

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