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Plugin replacing "+" with " " in configuration strings when plugin is instantiated.



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      I've been experimenting with the Amazon S3 Publisher plugin in Jenkins 1.460 in preparation for starting to use S3 for artifact storage & program distribution at work. I kept getting errors with the S3 plugin, however, stating "Can't connect to S3 service: The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method."

      The Access & Secret Keys were correct and being stored correctly in the hudson.plugins.s3.S3BucketPublisher.xml configuration file. I added some logging to the plugin to discover that in S3BucketPublisher.DescriptorImpl.doLoginCheck(), the "secretKey" element of the StaplerRequest parameter was being returned incorrectly. There's a "+" character in the secret key. The plus was being turn into a space (" "), thus the plugin is unable to connect to S3.

      The issue first appears with Jenkins & the S3 Publisher plugin in Jenkins 1.455 and continues through 1.460. Versions 1.454 and prior behave as expected. The "+" in the secret key is retained and connection to S3 is possible. Nothing has changed in the S3 plugin in that time period, so the issue must be somewhere inside Jenkins itself. Unfortunately, I'm rather unfamiliar with the Jenkins architecture and plugin architecture an am unable to trace the issue further down the chain than that.

      To recreate the issue:

      1) get the S3 plugin (https://github.com/jenkinsci/s3-plugin)
      2) set the jenkins version on line 6 of pom.xml to 1.455 or greater.
      3) in "Configure System", add an S3 profile. Valid or not does not matter. Make sure there's a "+" in the secret key or the access key field.
      4) Set a breakpoint, or print out the value of req.getParameter("secretKey") in S3BucketPublisher.DescriptorImpl.doLoginCheck(). See that the "+" has been turned into a " ".

      The strange thing is that if you look in the actual form fields secretKey or accessKey, the + will be in there correctly. Somehow it's not getting to the actual plugin code as a +, though.


      None known at this time.

      I attempted to replace the + with its URLEncoded form "%2B" in the configuration file, but "%2B" comes through instead of being decoded into a +.

      The only hack I have to get it working for us at the office for the time being is to replace all instances of " " in the secretKey with "+". Not a good solution.



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