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Matrix jobs does not automatically remove old builds for configurations





      I'm reporting an important issue on Jenkins with matrix build. The 'Discard Old Builds' setting doesn't remove builds in configuration, leading to increase disk usage without limit.

      Here is the behavior :

      • the master job is correctly cleaned, for instance, after a month if configured so, the artifacts are dropped and the build are correctly deleted
      • however this is not the case for the configuration builds, if i go into the page of one I can see a very long list of builds not having been deleted (so this is not synchronized with the 'master').
        The files in

      are no deleted while
      are correctly deleted.

      Also, disk usage is not correctly computed in the disk usage space : the size of the configuration are not taken in account.
      This leads on my build machine a complete saturation of the disks after 1 week of work. I think this is a very critical issue.



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