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When test uses DataProvider it mark in TestLink only by last result


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    • win7, Jenkins ver. 1.452, TestLink 1.9.3, Jenkins TestLink Plugin 3.1.2

      I have such test

      @Test(dataProvider = "validateFieldBase", dataProviderClass = CampaignData.class)
      public void validateNameField(String campaignName)

      { ... }

      and such DataProvider for it

      public static Object[][] validateFieldBase() {
      Object[][] word = {

      {"<script language='JavaScript'> alert('Hello') </script>"}










      And I have test cause in TestLink mapped by Test Result Seeking Strategies - TestNG Method Name.

      Problem: test cause in TestLink marks failed or passed by the last DataProvider result (in example by value "ASDASDasdas-123123211212&%&%")

      Expected result: if all DataProvider values passed than test cause in Testlink should mark as passed,
      if even one DataProvider value is failed than test cause in Testlink should mark as failed.

      may be its not a bug, but I think it will be a really nice feature.

      P.S. : I tried to use successPercentage=100 but it's uncertainly for me when and for what it should be used.

            kinow Bruno P. Kinoshita
            kasheylm Denis Veselovskiy
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