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Jenkins should send email notification according the master/slave nodes


      We have many jobs that are configured to run on different platforms and nodes. Jenkins is sending misleading email notification when one job is failed in one node, and later succeed in another node. This has been causing some problem because some developers thought that the failed build was actually fixed but someone else.

      Here are the steps to simulate the scenario:

      1. Configure two nodes in jenkins (e.g. master and solaris).
      2. Create a free-style job that will run successfully on master but not solaris (e.g. fail if hostname is 'solaris').
        This is to simulate the case where there is error specific to the platform or node.
        Enable the job to send email notification.
      3. Execute the job in solaris, this will be failed and an email will be sent.
      4. Execute the job in master, this will be completed and email will be sent saying that the previous build is fixed.
        The email is misleading because it confused the user that the build that was failed on solaris is now fixed.

      See also https://groups.google.com/group/jenkinsci-users/browse_thread/thread/d3253e322279b85b

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