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Enhance the posted deliveries polling, so it can work 'as normal'




      The process for posted deliveries is a bit different from normal: on top of making the baseline, the developer must issue a Deliver Baseline command. A special "Posted deliver" object is then created, and the mastership of the development stream is transferred to the integration stream site. The plugin will detect the posted delivery, and resume and complete (or cancel) the delivery. As a result of this, the mastership of the stream will be transferred back to the origin. Notice: The ClearCase posted delivery process does not transfer the mastership of the baseline - for that reason the promotion level of the baseline cannot be changed, but is left as INITIAL. Tags can also not be updated.

      The plugin should be enhanced, so it can work in exactly the same way as in a single site setup: the developer just creates baselines, and everything else happens automatically.



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