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Support job to watch and build several branches


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      With the Git plugin it is possible to watch for changes in several branches (matched with wildcard or regex). If a change in any of those branches happens, a build is triggered and this specific branch is checked out and built.

      As we cannot yet use git, but need to use subversion, we would like to have this feature supported by the subversion plugin as well.

      We need this as we have a team of more than 10 developers (sometimes also feature development branches for multiple developers to share) each one having his own branch. With the help of the subversion merge plugin and this feature improvement, we would set up one master branch job and a job which monitors and builds the feature/developer branches and after successfully building and testing any of these branches automatically merges the changes to the trunk.

      Currently this is only possible by setting up a job per branch which is pretty tedious. Changes to the job configuration must be done to all branches. As we do not just have one component but several (about 15) depending components (each one having its own build job) this gets really impossible to maintain without this feature as we would need at least 15 (components) times 1 + 10 (developers) = 161 jobs to do this.

      We also tried to achieve this with multi-config jobs, but it seems the subversion plugin cannot just monitor the branches specifically or checkout just the branch where modifications where detected.

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