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Views with ViewJobFilters should not automatically add newly created jobs


      Hello !

      We use a fancy "All Failing Jobs" view on our installation , using Job Status filter : Failed & Unstable

      To be sure we don't miss those I make that view the default one on the system, similar to : http://ci.jenkins-ci.org/

      We do see the failed and unstable jobs but after addition of a new job it ends up on the view as well. On the configure page the faulty appears being checked, although nobody did such thing manually... It will start gray (never run) but even after success it will be displayed on the All failing jobs view.

      Only work around is :

      Job Statuses: Failed & Unstable
      Include Matched - Add jobs that match this filter


      Job Statuses: Failed & Unstable
      Exclude Unmatched - Filter out jobs that don't match this filter

      but I don't think it should be necessary. I really think something fishy happens when a new job is created.

      Let me know if you need more information in order to reproduce and thanks for this awesome plugin.

      Jenkins - 1.458
      View Job Filters - 1.22

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