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Testlink plugin : generated TAP result files are not used for updating Testlink.



      I'm currently evaluating Jenkins <=> Testlink communications and use TAP format for results.
      My env. is the following :

      • Win XP Pro
      • Jenkins 1.488
      • Testlink 1.9.3
      • Testlink plugin 3.1.8

      For testing purpose, I've just set two dummy test cases in Testlink and result files are generated with a bat file (see attached Test001.bat).
      It seems that, test case are correctly retrieved from testlink, execution seems ok too.
      But, when time comes to analyse test results, TAP files seem to be correctly identified (see systemlog.txt) but results are not extracted and testlink is not updated.
      If I generate a wrong TAP format, Testlink plugin correctly detects it and issues exceptions.

      Any ideas ?

      (Attachment contains Jenkins job, build, etc.)

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