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Testlink Plug-In: get Custom field information for Testplans and Testsuites


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    • Testlink 1.9.5, Jenkins 1.492, Plug-In 3.1.8

      Hi Jenkins Team,

      I'm trying to get the values of the custom fields, which I created for my testplan and testsuits, so I Don't have to enter the values of these fields for every testcase.
      But when I'm trying to get the information in Jenkins, I always get the error msg, which I attached in the txt file.

      As the msg states, that the Plug-In recognizes, which item I assigned the custom field to, I don't understand, why the value can't be injected.

      Thx for your help,

      best regards Cedric

            kinow Bruno P. Kinoshita
            donp Cedric Randacher
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