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Jelly form control f:validateButton giving a warning popup in IE irrespective of whether validation is successfull


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    • Windows 2008 R2 64 bit , Internet Explorer (8 and 9)

      Getting warning message in a popup saying "Failed to evaluate. Invalid arguments" for jelly form control validateButton. I am getting this pop up irrespective of actual result of validation.

      This is happening only in Internet Explorer(8 and 9). This is not getting reproduced when running jenkins using "mvn hpi:run" but
      getting reproduced when running jenkins using command "java -jar jenkins.war" and then manually importing hpi file from advanced tab.

      For complete details , refer to discussion in

      Sample to reproduce this issue is available in my github

      or alternatively you can install https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/SCTMExecutor plugin and try to validate in global configuration in IE.

      Root cause:

      For validate button form control , implementation is available @ scripts/hudson-behavior.js

      In validate function , we are using a custom function geval which is causing the issue.

      If i replace geval with eval i see that everything works as expected in IE as well.

      I will be submitting the fix in git shortly

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