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Global exclude list of user accounts



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      Our CI system uses so called build accounts to execute builds. These accounts are considered as committers as they do changes to vcs. These accounts do not have email addresses, or email addresses are invalid. Email addresses for committers are searched from directory server in our system. I would like to rule out these build accounts from email sending altogether.

      First implementation alternative is to have a global exclude list of user accounts. For these accounts, email address resolution would be skipped and thus the whole email sending.

      Second implementation alternative is to remove build account email addresses from the email message prior its sending. This is not as optimal as the first alternative as it requires email address resolution, but it gets the job done. This solution alternative requires configuration at global level too and is therefore related to JENKINS-14508.

      As a workaround, I can use project level pre-send script to filter out unwanted email addresses.


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